How it works

Only 6 steps to custom plaid shirt

1.Select the styles

Hoping to start a custom plaid shirt business? there’s a particular design that you like but can’t find on market? want your plaid shirt to be unique? That’s great, you got to the right place.  As a professional custom shirt manufacturer, PJSgarment plaid shirt has a professional R&D department and efficient production line. So we can design and manufacture any style you want. Tell us your idea, we bring it to life.

plaid skirt

2.Choose the perfect fabric for your product

Fabric is the most important part of custom plaid shirt. We need to choose the right fabric according to the different attributes that the plaid shirt wants to present. for example, If you want this plaid shirt to have high moisture absorption, high breathability, and soft texture, then we recommend you to use cotton fabric.

3. Find the the most attractive color

A suitable color can help our products quickly grab the end consumer’s attention. The color and design complete each other. Essence plaid shirt has a 40-person R&D team, which can help customers to formulate colors that best match the product design. Or you can choose any color through Pantone Color Card.

#PANTONE 13-0535 TCX

#PANTONE 15-0536 TCX

#PANTONE 18-0535 TCX

4.Pick the suitalbe size

Country, market, brand,gender, and style are all factors that affect the size of plaid shirt. for example, the size L is different between women and men. therefore, our plaid shirt are 100% customizable. You can tell us the size you want, and then we produce plaid shirt according to your requirements. If you don’t know what size is most suitable, we will recommend the right size for you based on the research of your target market.

5.Use the right printing method

Before you custom plaid shirt, you need to know which printing method to use. That is important to make your design charming. Because different plaid shirt printing methods have different effects, one method may be suitable for 10 flannel shirts, but it is almost useless when printing 100 flannel shirts. Similarly, each method may be suitable for some fabrics, but not for others at all. Before deciding on printing technology, you need to consider how many colors each plaid shirt design has because not all methods support creating multi-color designs at once.

6.Design logo for custom plaid shirt

We support OEM and ODM services. If you already have a logo, just send it to us directly, we’ll do the rest. For starters, you may not determine your own brand logo, and hiring a designer isn’t an option. then our designer team will be happy to create the best logo for your business.

You can implement your idea on the custom plaid shirt easily so that your design can be sold as soon as possible to generate revenue.

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