By 3 ways to get Pantone color code

PANTONE color system is the world leader in color, covering textiles, plastics, printing, graphics, digital technology and other fields, has become the international unified standard language for the exchange of color information today. Now no matter where in the world the customer, as long as the designation of a PANTONE color code, we can find exactly the color that the customer wants, to a large extent to avoid the computer screen color and print inconsistencies brought about by the problem of color and customer requirements of the actual color.

Formula Guide

Share, compare, communicate, and match colors with the new edition of the Pantone Formula Guide. This versatile, end-to-end color matching tool displays all 2,390 market-driven spot colors in the Pantone Graphics System on coated and uncoated paper stocks. Now updated with 224 brand new Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors, the latest Pantone Formula Guide also features five new eco-friendly Pantone base mixing inks compatible with coating in print production processes. Compact, handheld fan decks provide easy, on-the-go physical references for the actual appearance of Pantone Colors in digital design applications, and include essential formulations for mixing spot color inks to properly match Pantone Formula Guide colors.

1. Choose the color directly through the Pantone color card.

If you have a physical Pantone color card in your hand and have a wealth of knowledge in the clothing industry. You can directly select the color you need on the Pantone color card, and then directly tell us the Pantone color number.

2. Our customer service specialist will assist you in choosing colors.

If you don’t have a Pantone color card, you don’t want to check the Pantone color number through the computer. Then you can contact our customer service directly and they will be happy to serve you. Essence Sleepwear has a professional and comprehensive color sample library. Our customer service will send you all suitable color pictures according to the style and material of the pajamas you want. You can choose your favorite color from these colors.

3. Use the PC to query the Pantone color code

Step 1: Open the query entry on the official website
Pantone official color query entrance:
Click or copy this URL to open it in the browser. If you have already registered as a member on Pantone’s official website, you will directly access the color query system. If it is our first time to come to Pantone’s official website, we will need to register as a member, as shown in the figure below. After the registration is completed, it will directly jump to the color query system.

Log in to the official website and log in to your account. If you don’t have one, you can choose multiple ways to register.
pantone sign on

Click on the color we like and find the Pantone color code.

The above is our simpler Pantone color acquisition tutorial.This will facilitate our communication with Chinese clothing suppliers, you can quickly and more accurately choose the color of your products. Because Pantone is universal in this color panel.

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